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Website Maintenance East Rand

Website Maintenance for WordPress & WIX Websites


Website Maintenance East Rand, Edenvale, Boksburg, Kempton Park, Germiston, Glenvista, Randburg, Johannesburg and JHB East and surrounding areas.

ERWD specialises in website maintenance for small businesses to medium size businesses in the East Rand & Johannesburg Areas.

WordPress has made it easy for nearly anybody to create their own website. But creating a website is one thing, security and maintenance are something else totally, and both are equally important.

Both can have an effect on website rankings and site traffic, and you may simply think, well fine, I’ll be good and do both. You may not have time to do them yourself.

WordPress website maintenance tasks that you need to be on top of:

Is your website up to speed?

Page loading times and speeds should be up to scratch, otherwise you will be penalized by the search engines, losing you traffic and sales.

Make sure WordPress is the latest version.

Make sure that you’re using the latest version of WordPress.

Get your WordPress plugins up to date.

Outdated plugins can cause a security risk and even stop working. Make sure that your plugins are up to date.

Can the spam from your comments.

Span slows down your website and annoys users, so get rid of it as quick as you can.

Busted link? – 301 Redirect

Users hate to click on a link and see a 404-error page. It’s much better to set up a 301 redirect to a similar page.

Sidebar Links and blogrolls.

Make sure these are checked frequently to weed out all the duff links and content that’s no longer applicable.

Remove unwanted plugins.

Uninstall plug-ins that you no longer use because they can slow your website down.

Website security.

Check website security on a daily basis. Install a good security plugin and keep it updated.

Are your media files messy?

Temporary media files can really take up storage space, so make sure you get rid of them out on regular basis to see a speed boost.

Optimize database tables.

Any time you get rid of a plug-in or theme don’t forget to clear the database tables to improve your website speed.

Browser and device compatibility testing.

Make sure that your site will run on all the different devices and browsers that it’s intended to.

Download links.

Make sure your download links still work.

Social media links.

Social media has a big influence on your reputation and rank, so check that those links are link right across the website.

Optimise your images.

Big images will slow down your site and harm your users’ experience, so for happy users and better search engine indexing make sure those images are optimised.

Refresh header banner and site images.

People see your banner and site images a lot, so keep them fresh if you want to keep people coming back.


Your site navigation should be elegant, simple and intuitive.

Email opt-in and contact forms should be work properly.

This one is a priority. Because how else are you going to get customers if they can’t sign up?

Check on Google analytics.

Google analytics is a great tool, providing lots of information about how you can be more productive and keep your site in tiptop shape.

Check Google console.

Google Console is powerful. Check it on a daily basis and make sure that you know about back links, and keywords.

Get rid of drafts and post revisions.

Anyone who blogs regularly knows that their database can get clogged up with drafts and post revisions that slow the site down. Empty out the trash regularly to ensure that your site stays quick.

Backup your WordPress database.

This is your lifeline if things go wrong, so back up your plugins settings, user accounts, menus, themes settings regularly.

Update your content.

The more your content changes the more attractive your site looks to your readers and to search engines.

Review meta tags.

Optimized meta tags and descriptions help SEO and improve CTRs.

Review on-page SEO

An SEO friendly website is very important, so check that all SEO-related elements are present in posts and webpages.

Refresh you’re about us page.

It often gets the most views on your site, so make sure your About Us page is always up to date.

Don’t let your footer look out dated.

An out of date copyright notice makes your site look out of date. Attending to details like this helps to build user trust in your brand.

Change your passwords.

Changing passwords is very important but sometimes overlooked.

Hosting and domain renewal.

Make sure that you’re hosting and domains are renewed if you want to avoid the possibility of downtime.

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Website Design East Rand FAQ:

Do we require a face to face meeting?
No, most of our websites are created without the need to ever meet the customer in person.

How long does it take to create a website?

Usually between 1 and 3 weeks depending on the complexity and size of the website.

Which areas do we cover?
We offer Website Design East Rand, West Rand, Johannesburg and through out South Africa but focus on the following areas:
Edenvale, Boksburg, Kempton Park, Glenvista, Orange Grove, Norwood, Germiston,

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